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Pacific Awareness Campaign 


Sab Saheliya Walk and Talk

Turn the tide on COVID-19

Create a world of new normalcy - stay updated on credible information on COVID-19 and vaccines from official websites, be digitally connected specially for the elderly, and give hygiene mega importance.
CREATE awareness CONNECT people, CONVERSE with each other, CLARIFY misinformation, CONTINUE campaigning.

Stepping on COVID-19

The Uniting Church Tongan-Fijian Community gathered in Berala to talanoa about Pacific Awareness post COVID-19. Three major strategies emerged; getting vaccinated, abiding by the health-related protocols and treat COVID-19 as a norm, therefore we should learn to step on it by living healthy.  Grow own vegetables, exercise regularly, sleep 8 hours and wash your hands thoroughly!

Children Write a Pandemic Story 

Led by Sela Ahosivi-Atiola, author of ‘I am Lupe’, fun-kids sessions were held with young children, to learn about COVID-19, promote hygiene practices and create a story for Pacific children on how to combat COVID-19 including character development and story plotting. The ‘Little Health Inspectors’, to be launched in late 2022.

Kids Korna Videos

Story Telling & Singing along with Ocean and Life inspired Samuela Konusi Taukave, also known as Skillz FJ, who is from an island in the Pacific called ROTUMA, Fiji. Focussing on our young ones, he engages through songs and stories in simple ways to stay safe and healthy.

Song lyrics to corresponding videos in the media tab can be downloaded here:

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