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Key Focus Areas


Culture and Heritage

Pacific communities are recognised for their diversity across NSW through the promotion of their culture, traditions and heritage ultimately contributing to the vibrancy of growing and emerging multicultural communities across NSW.

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Strong Families

Pacific families are strong families with foundations built on our proud culture and heritage that enables us to live and develop in the current social, cultural, economic, and spiritual contexts in NSW.

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Education and Employment

Pacific communities of NSW become versatile in their enhanced knowledge about options to pathways in education, training and employment, ultimately creating sustainable communities for future generations.

Sustainable Entrepreneurship

Pacific communities continue to strive and become robust in exploring business opportunities and are aware of creative financial pathways in contributing positively to the wider Australian economy.

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NSW Pacific Youth contribute to their own sustainable development in all areas through exploring their options and contributing proactively and positively to the wider NSW community.


Pacific communities are healthy communities and are proactive in the prevention of health challenges, which ultimately affect individuals and their own communities.

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Pacific communities recognised for their diverse and strong contribution through rich culture and contemporary flavors to Arts in NSW.  

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Public Relations

Pacific communities are recognised for their effective communications strategy in promoting their richness and diversity throughout growing multiculturalism in NSW.



Pacific communities continue to strive in sports and develop in all areas contributing in many ways to the community.

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