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We are a Collective Group advocating for better supports and services for the NSW Pacific communities through authentic leadership. At the heart of the CORE Pacific Collective is a commitment to Nurture the Vā through social and spiritual connecting. Vā is the sacred space between self and others. 

Pacific Collective


About CORE Pacific Collective

The CORE Pacific Collective stakeholders received numerous requests for links and COVID-19 related supports during the COVID-19 Pandemic, from the government and non-government agencies, and the Pacific community members.

To support Pacific COVID-19 preparedness and response efforts, the CORE Pacific Collective was established in July 2021. We are committed to fairness, equality and justice in all our interactions and activities that support the NSW Pacific communities.

Pacific Vaccination Hubs

The CORE PACIFIC COLLECTIVE would like to acknowledge the many hands that supported the hubs, together better! We are grateful and appreciate your thoughts, prayers and time.

Launch COVID-19
HOPE Toolkit for Pacific Communities in NSW


Nurturing VĀ

The Nurturing Vā is a live stream platform provided for guest speakers to share COVID-19 updates, health and well-being information with the Pacific communities.  It was launched by the former NSW Minister of Multiculturalism Natalie Ward on 26 August 2021 in response to community requests for credible sources to bring clarity and further understanding. 


‘The Core Pacific Collective would like to acknowledge the Australian Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people of this nation. We acknowledge the traditional custodians of the lands on which we learn, live and work. We pay our deepest respect to their Ancestors and Elders, past, present and future.

We are, and always will be committed to honouring Australian Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples’ unique cultures and customs that continue to nurture this land. We honour the presence of their ancestors and their spiritual relationships to the land, waters, seas and their rich contribution to society.’

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