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The CORE Pacific Collective recognises, that local individuals are best placed to know what their local communities need. These are our Pacific people who are already well placed locally, with extensive relevant local networks and community development experience.


The NSW Pacific Links, formally established in December 2021, is a cross- sector group of Pacific professionals who use individual and/or combined resources, networks, and expertise to connect and empower local communities to utilise the available supports and opportunities. This includes helping establish ‘Life with COVID-19 communities of learning’, bringing together communities to learn from each other, to work through local community issues and co-develop local solutions to the ongoing challenges of COVID-19. 

NSW Pacific Links


 Jaithoon Venkteshwar

A healthy and thriving

Pacific community, through connecting and being a voice for the voiceless


Seagaitumua Paniani Patu

Being a Voice allows me to bring the issues to the forefront for dialogue and real action. Change is needed in the cultural and religious spheres from all sides


Iqbal Akhtar

'My vision is to engage and empower Pasifika Community to achieve aspiration and support through excellence in a culturally safe community and a holistic approach


Rosaline Parker

I'd like to see our Pacific communities within a culturally safe space, and having timely access to the services and support


Seini Taufa

We're not here to be a drop

or make a splash,

We're here to make waves

in an ocean of

infinite possibilities 


Malaemie Fruean

A community that is together, will thrive because people are not alone, they will help each other and this is what makes

a huge difference


Seini Afeaki

When you live your life in alignment with a purpose that is centered on selflessly adding value for others, opportunities become abundant and your life becomes fulfilled


Loau Donina Va'a

A peaceful, vibrant, inclusive and resilient Pacific community, which gives equal access and opportunities for all. This transformation can only spark from authenticity and a place of hope 


Professor Jioji Ravulo

I’d like to see the Pacific future generations shaping knowledge and practices that prioritise their issues and

co-developing solutions,

for a genuine diversity

and inclusion


Maherau Arona

I am truly passionate to see the Pacific community have a culturally safe space to nurture and grow their children and families,

and be able to access easily

the opportunities supports

they need 


David Harris

Our Pasifika people to have the pathways to enable choices for a positive and meaningful impact, to strengthen their sense of identity and connection with the consequence of enriching the collective community. Our focus hence, to be on our children & young people, to affect generational change.


Bruno Efoti

The Pacifika people have opportunities to access professional services that are available to ensure preventative measures are in place to promote strong and resilient communities.

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