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The NSW Council for Pacific Communities (NSWCPC) Executive Committee welcomes all Pacific Communities in NSW and abroad to utilize this website as a tool to gain knowledge and share experiences with the wider NSW Pacific community.

We, as the Executive committee will endeavor to bring information to you in a timely manner allowing our members and visitors to have some knowledge and awareness of activities that are occurring out there, in our vast and vibrant NSW Pacific community.

There are many challenges ahead for our people but together as one we can all make a difference that will create sustainable impact for our development in all areas. Our future begins with recognizing and acknowledgment that as a people, we are culturally and linguistically diverse within ourselves- yet we are one.

We pay our respect to those who have come before us- we thank them for their journey and paving our path.

We look to those that will lead us into the future as a strong community, practicing good governance and ultimately steering the way for our future generations- in a country we have all come to call home.

Join us in our endeavors to build our dreams and realize our visions. We cannot do it alone but together we can contribute to change. Positive change for our children, young people and our families.

We hope that you will find this website useful.

Although we are in different boats, you in your boat, and we in our canoe- we share the same river of life.
Chief Oren Lyons- Onandaga Nation

NSWCPC Partners include,

Department of Attorney General and JusticeDepartment of Community Services
Corrective Services NSWDepartment of Juvenile Justice
NSW Police ForceCommunity Relations Commission
Auburn Diversity Services Inc.Australian Museum
Lidcombe TAFECasula PowerHouse

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